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About Church Futures
The Church Futures website is a resource to help churches and faith-based organizations anticipate, envision, and plan for the future. It offers a wide array of tools and activities to inspire and guide leaders in making bold and creative visions. Church Futures champions the belief that our world needs the leadership of a visionary faith community and the faith community needs forward thinking leaders. The ultimate purpose of Church Futures is to challenge assumptions that lead to status quo mindsets about approaches to Christian ministry.

Church Futures offers something for every size congregation or faith-based organization to help leaders learn from the future and from each other in order to transform their sector. It features four primary elements: Future Church scenarios, Futurecasting workshops, inspirational discussion starters, and group activities.

  • Future Church scenarios – four stories of distinctly different church styles written as letters from imaginary church leaders in 2020
  • Futurecasting workshops – three 3-day leadership workshops based on a strategic planning framework utilizing foresight tools and techniques
  • Inspirational discussion starters – provocative tools and articles about emerging issues to get conversations going and imaginations fired
  • Group activities – a host of foresight-based group exercises. These activities, along with the discussion starters, are the piecemeal elements of Futurecasting workshops.

Many of the inspirational tools, articles, and activities can be used as stand-alone leadership development exercises. Some churches and faith-based organizations may wish to engage the services of a Church Futures consultant to benefit from depth and breadth of experience and maximize the value of foresight-based strategic planning.

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