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Future Church Scenarios
The goal of scenarios is to inspire creative action in the present through anticipation of possible futures. These scenarios are stories developed to challenge assumptions and stimulate new ways of thinking about the present and the future. No one knows what lies just beyond the horizon but these possibilities can inform leaders of potential challenges and opportunities they may want to prepare for now rather than react to later.

Written as four imaginary letters from church leaders in 2020, these scenarios offer different perspectives on the church of the future. They are not predictions, projections, nor prophecies but rather an attempt to provoke a realization that the future may not simply be more of the same.



Megachurches give way to the Multichurch, which is youthful, fast growing, predominantly ethnic-led, and places high value on public activism.

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Faith, business, and community development merge through female-led vocational networks that thrive as extensions of local congregations.

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The digital generation fosters a high degree of authenticity and interactivity in worship as they meet in both virtual and face-to-face gatherings.


Highly adaptive and transformative structures fuel the rebirth of dying congregations while creating an environment for individual transformations.

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